Adinsy is small & flexible research company with technological origin orientated on business requirements

Who we are

The Challenge
With our services we help business of all sizes to deal with their data needs.

Methodology Unicorns

Baring Process
Step-by-step agile methodology helps us to deal as with ordinary clients hypothesis, such as with highly radical esoteric client requests.
Triggering Parameters
With you we will prepare list of triggers which will indicate correct our research parameters
Initing Sources
We working as with multiply open data sources, such as with proprietary data bases
Define Hypothesis
From beginning we will make quick survey to define hypothesis and understand goals of research
Mapping Data
Based on parameters we mapping our raw data. This step includes: classification, categorisation & segmentation
Harvesting Data
One of core steps is to prepare base of data for analysis
Data Analysis
Pre-final step is to analysis all major and minor data to proof or refute hypothesis
Insights Reporting
Preparing report for you and passing database for implementing in your systems

Tools We Use

Mostly we use our development tools. But sometimes better to not inventing the wheel.
And different more, not so major.

Stop to Observe.
Bare Your Insights Immediately

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